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julia , 19, bias whore, has a cute wife, hates this slut, is currently obsessed with six idiots, is often embarrassed by seven kids, and doesn't know what to do with these dorks from cube

infinite’s back x faceless

can you love yoona please <3333 ajsjdjajks

dw i pretty much like all the members XD <3

who are your favourite snsd member? what songs by them do you like best? :)

at first i liked tiffany the most, then sooyoung, but now im stuck on yuri as my favorite! i only really listen to their title tracks but i guess the ones i like the best are genie, hoot, and mr mr

do you like snsd? what are your thoughts on them? :)

ofc i like snsd who doesn’t LOL they’re all honestly gorgeous and their personalities are great. like i said before they’re the first ever girl group i stanned so they have a special place in my heart c: im really excited to see them in person like idk if i can handle their flawlessness up close its gonna be tough

omg! me and a couple friends are going to kcon, and i think it'll be so cool to realize at the concert that you're going to be there too * - * we couldn't decide which day to go with a single day ticket cuz we wanted to see so many artists, so we ended up splurging on a two day ticket~ i really hope you have fun, and be safe! c:

yes ill be there!!!! if you see someone pass out during IU’s performance it’ll most likely be me lol are you going to the convention part too? ^__^ but i have no doubt i will!! thanks :D you too!

Hi ^^ I know this is a random question but are you going to Kcon alone? I've never been to a concert alone before and Kcon will be my first time I'm just worried I won't have as much fun or I might feel lonely so I'm wondering if you'd have experience of it before?

technically yes i am going alone (like im flying to la by myself to purposely go to kcon) but because im by myself and incapable of navigating anywhere lol a uaena friend is gonna pick me up and take me to kcon saturday and on sunday a tlist friend is taking me. ive never had any experience being alone for something like this but what i would do is to firstly be careful!! you’ll be by yourself so just be aware of your surroundings so no one takes advantage of you. but for the lonely aspect i would just recommend talking to people at kcon :D everyone is there for the same reason, you love kpop!! so im sure it wont be hard talking to ppl bc of similar interests. you’re definitely not going to be the only one going alone either! you dont need someone else there to have more fun, its all about how you spend your time at kcon and if you enjoy yourself!! i’m going to be wearing one of those IU kcon shirts so if you see me in the crowd then pls come up to me so we can chat and be friends ^__^



omg iu said she watched "blue is the warmest colour" he he just imagine her watching that movie like a little embarassed kid with dirty thoughts lmao so cute

ikr tbh most people wouldn’t expect that from her LOL but honestly im not surprised she did. for such a young girl she has really mature thoughts and ideas so she likes movies like that i guess lol (but i can imagine her getting a bit embarrassed too and it is cute)