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therapy H | do not edit

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Anonymous said:
does iu have a nickname :)?

i think she has alot of nicknames given by her korean fans but the only one i can remember is agasu-nim! i know jieun is her name but i like to call her jieunah sometimes, and whenever her fans describe her we like to attach a -U at the end, like “blondeU” or “ahjummaU” XD

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bomi and her fangirl ♡

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lionbaek said:
"[You're the best part of my day <3 Thank you for being you!] Happy Appreciation Day! We often see the good in others but when was the last time we praised ourselves? You're a pretty amazing person too, you know? And today, I think we should take the time to properly appreciate ourselves and the good thing we've done c: Love yourself today! (and spread the joy later by appreciating others too!)" hehe thank you Julia for being such a sweet person~!!

SOB you’re so sweet thank you for this lovely message! TAT


make me choose
↳ jiminips asked: bomi or eunji

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Hyungsik for GQ


Hyungsik for GQ
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