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hi julia just suddenly became curious about this. what is IU's 'The Story Only I Didn't Know' MV about? i just can't understand the plot fully, what's your interpretation?

i think its about a young woman who was in a relationship with an older man. he either died or left her that im not sure of, but because of it shes gone insane and misses him terribly. she has hallucinations of him and in the mv hes always following her around because shes still in love with him, like her mind is obsessed with thoughts of him. She can’t move on but he already has. …If I knew [that you were really leaving] I would have cried it all out then, By then you were done with me [he left her], A story only I didn’t know [she didn’t understand how the relationship was over]… thats my interpretation anyways ^^


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141021 IU selca

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