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excuse my french, but dream high 2 fucking sucks lol. stick to dream high 1 forever

its ok you’re excused LOL


honestly i only started watching it because i needed something to fill my time and it was on netflix, then i told myself to at least get to psy’s cameo episode and by then jiyeon and stolen my heart so i was kinda stuck with it lol

i didn’t even know he made a cameo oh lol but ah i see XD jiyeon is a good little actress so im not surprised (plus i remember the gifs ppl were making at the time of the show and she looked flawless so)

sorry to butt in but i honestly really liked dh2 i thought the characters were really cute and i was thoroughly pleased with the relationship development because it made a lot more sense (aside from jb randomly liking her) than other dramas o/

oh see i wouldn’t know that since i never gave it a chance lol thanks mae! if you liked it then its probably worth watching 

nah man not even close to dream high 1. if you look at it as a completely separate drama, it’s okay… the story doesn’t really make sense during it but i think the only thing keeping me interested the whole time was jiyeon because she’s my bae

the first dream high is just rlly special to me bc it was my first kdrama and it kinda made me fall in love with IU so XD but hm yeah i think it wasn’t interesting to me thats why i didn’t watch it. i like jiyeon but i don’t think i could watch a whole drama bc of her

did u ever watch Dream High 2? and if u did, was it any good? like not comparing it to dream high 1 tho

i didn’t! i watched IU’s cameo thats it lol



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myungjong laughing at their fighting scene