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julia , 19, bias whore, has a cute wife, hates this slut, is currently obsessed with six idiots, is often embarrassed by seven kids, and doesn't know what to do with these dorks from cube

is there anything else i should dl besides ps (the one in ur faq) to edit? i dont have winrar but im still able to zip files for some reason lol

nope i dont think you need anything else!! XD and oh yay good then! lol

Hi! I know there have been so many people who asked you this but I can't find the post where you answered it... Can you tell me what problam do U use to make gifs, please? Sorry..

thats okay! i use photoshop cs5 extended. here's a tutorial on how to get it and here's a tutorial on how to make gifs with it!

58l200 edits of IU melting my heart

IU’s impeccable memory at work


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Can you make an edit of IU from SBS The Pretty Man?

sorry ill have to say no for this :( 

That anon is not real fan of IU, she/ he brought the past. I just thought before may they had a relationship but didn't do 'it' that people think.

people made alot of assumptions about what happened (and about IU as a person) but we’ll never know the truth tbh. if neither party wants to further indulge about it then its best to just move on